Speech by Kudzai Taranhike the Junior Mayoress of the Bulawayo Junior City Council for the Day of the Girl

The principle of “All children, all rights is still much too far to be a reality”, these words were said by the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan in the year 2000 and yet this has still proven to be true.

A pleasant day to you all, I am the Junior Mayoress of the City of Bulawayo Kudzai Taranhike. It is an honor to be standing in your presence as it is a day declared to celebrate the existence of the girl child.

Ladies and gentlemen today, the world has chosen to focus on girls like me and I’m happy that we’ve come together to commemorate this very important day. I’m however pained by the numerous challenges that we as girls face each and every day of our lives. More than 110 million children women worldwide are currently not going to school, and surprisingly enough 60% of these are girls and my question is why? Even worse, research has shown that in some Sub-Saharan countries, adolescent girls have HIV infection rates of up to five times higher than adolescent boys. Ladies and gentlemen I would like to pose a question to you right now. Why is it that girls are facing such painful situations in their lives?

The key reason to girls facing all these problems is because of their vulnerability as compared to the opposite sex. We as girls are exposed to danger and various forms of abuse like child labor because we are unable to defend ourselves. This is something that I believe should come to an end.

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Keith stotes
12/26/2016 12:31:36 pm

You guys are you still around?wat happened to the vision you had?it was a great vision though it seems like you forgot about it or you met a roadblock.why did you not expose yourself more? If you are at a dead end give me the website and organisation coz i cannot do anything if another byo org exists.its either i join you or you give me the name and website. So let me join you for now,if u want


This is a beautiful, powerful and very smart speech. I don't know how old this girl is (looks about 13) but she is going to be a great spokeswoman and surely will influence the flow of things in the country.


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